Post 16 Supported Accommodation

Through our supported accommodation we offer a warm, nurturing and safe environment for young people and care leavers to grow and develop, preparing them for an independent, self-sufficient and full life post 25.

We believe that through providing a secure, stable home, personalised support and a clear supported pathway plan towards independence, we can help all our young people achieve their maximum potential.

With access to employment, education and training, plus mentoring and encouragement to develop a daily schedule including personal care, maintaining good diet, and making good lifestyle choices, our young people develop their own independent living skills.

The over-riding aim of the post 16 units is to support our young adults to take responsibility for their own actions and to gain the skills required for the transition to self-sufficiency in adulthood. Each provision will be staffed, adapted and maintained to support the specific needs of all our residents, which will include but not be limited to accommodation and support for:


  • Looked after children, including separated children seeking asylum (SCSA) (16 to 25 years of age)
  • Care leaver (16 – 25 years of age)
  • Young people with complex needs (16 – 25 years of age)
  • Young parents and children (16 to 25 years of age)
  • Outreach support for young people and / or young parents – no accommodation required.

We help young people…


  • Budgeting skills
  • Access to college                 
  • Volunteering
  • Work experience


  • The joy of cooking
  • Savvy shopping
  • Getting around – using transport
  • Understand health and nutrition


  • Make new friends
  • Meet your wider community
  • Find your perfect job
  • Live your best life

Emergency Placements

We can accommodate same day/night emergency placements.

Contact us on 07936 402899/07878 080055.

If you would like to find out more please call us on 01983 243260.

Independent Living Skills Programme

Alongside the therapeutic support that we offer our residents at Phoenix Care Group, we know it is important that we support our young people to develop and learn the life skills essential for a successful to transition towards a more independent life.

Our residents will be supported to work through and achieve a number of everyday life skills ensuring that they will be well equipped to deal with living independently by the time they move on from our homes.  The scheme is accredited by the Assessment and Qualification Alliance (AQA) and will assist residents to transition knowing that they can:

  • Cook a variety healthy meals
  • Plan, budget and shop for a weeks’ worth of food and essential items
  • Maintain an acceptable level of household cleanliness
  • Know how to use a washing machine, tumble dryer and iron
  • Open a bank account
  • Register with Universal Credits and other benefits that they may be eligible for
  • Enrol with local doctor, dentist, optician, sexual health and additional health providers
  • Understand deposits, rent, bills and budgeting for independent living
  • Understand what is required to maintain a successful tenancy
  • Maintain an updated CV and be confident to apply for suitable employment vacancies
  • Keep themselves safe when away from their home or online
  • Enjoy happy and healthy relationships
  • Be confident to know who to turn to for help, when things do not always go according to plan
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