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Celebrating Young Heroes: Phoenix Care Group’s Continued Support for the Child of Wight Awards

For the fourth consecutive year, the Phoenix Care Group has proudly announced its sponsorship of the Child of Wight Awards, a heart-warming event that honours the bravery, resilience, and achievements of the island’s youngest residents.

This year’s ceremony is set to take place at the enchanting Tapnell Farm on the 6th of September, marking yet another chapter in the ongoing partnership between Phoenix Care Group and the local community.

The Phoenix Care Group, established in 2020, has been a beacon of support for young people and care leavers on the Isle of Wight and across Southern England. Their commitment to providing therapeutic residential support for those who have experienced complex trauma is reflected in their dedication to the Children’s Awards.

The Child of Wight Awards, organised by the Isle of Wight Radio, is an event that shines a spotlight on the extraordinary children of the island. With 11 awards covering various aspects of a child’s life, the event celebrates the courage, bravery, and achievements of these young individuals. It’s a night filled with emotion, uplifting stories, and the recognition of the amazing qualities that these children possess.

Phoenix Care Group’s sponsorship of the Young Achiever Award is particularly noteworthy. This award acknowledges a child who has shown remarkable determination and success in the face of adversity. It’s a testament to the group’s belief in the potential of every child and their desire to see them thrive despite the challenges they may face.

The event at Tapnell Farm promises to be an evening of fun and celebration, with entertainment throughout the event to honour the island’s children. It’s a fitting setting for such an inspiring occasion, providing a backdrop of natural beauty and a sense of community spirit.

As we approach the date, the anticipation builds not only for the nominees and their families but also for the entire community. The Child of Wight Awards are more than just an event; they’re a symbol of hope and a reminder of the incredible resilience that resides within the hearts of the Isle of Wight’s children.

The Phoenix Care Group’s unwavering support for this event is a clear demonstration of their ethos “because we care”. Their involvement goes beyond mere sponsorship; it’s an investment in the future of the island’s youth and a celebration of their potential.

The Child of Wight Awards, supported by the Phoenix Care Group, is a remarkable occasion that brings the community together to honour its youngest heroes. It’s a night where stories of courage and perseverance are shared, where achievements are celebrated, and where the spirit of the Isle of Wight shines brightest. As we look forward to this year’s event, we are reminded of the power of recognition and the importance of supporting our children in their journeys, no matter how challenging they may be. Let’s come together to celebrate the remarkable young individuals who make the Isle of Wight a place of inspiration and hope.

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PACE Explained

In the journey from adolescence to adulthood, young individuals aged 16-25 face a myriad of challenges and transitions. It is a critical period where support and guidance can significantly impact their future. This is where the concept of PACE comes into play, particularly within the support work carried out by organisations like Phoenix Care Group.

What is PACE?

PACE stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy. It is a way of thinking, feeling, and interacting that aims to foster a secure and supportive environment. Originally developed within the field of therapeutic parenting, PACE has found its way into various support roles, including those provided by support workers at Phoenix Care Group Ltd.
Playfulness brings a sense of hope and joy. It allows for a relaxed atmosphere where young people can express themselves without fear of judgment. Acceptance provides a safe space for them to be themselves, reassuring them that they are valued. Curiosity encourages an interest in their experiences and feelings, promoting understanding. Lastly, Empathy ensures that they feel heard and understood.

Support Workers and PACE

Support workers within Phoenix Care Group utilise PACE to create a nurturing environment for the youth they assist. By incorporating PACE into their approach, support workers can effectively engage with young people, building trust and rapport.

Playfulness in support work might involve using games or activities to teach life skills or to simply provide a break from the stresses of daily life. Acceptance is shown by acknowledging the young person’s current situation without pushing for immediate change, which can often lead to resistance. Curiosity is used by support workers to delve deeper into the young person’s perspective, understanding their motivations and barriers. Empathy is perhaps the most crucial aspect, as it allows support workers to connect on an emotional level, validating the young person’s feelings and experiences.

Impact of PACE on 16-25 Year Olds

The impact of PACE on young people is profound. It helps them develop a sense of security and belonging, which is essential for their mental and emotional well-being. PACE also promotes resilience, enabling them to navigate the complexities of life with confidence. For those who may have experienced trauma or adversity, PACE offers a healing presence, helping them to rebuild trust and hope.

Phoenix Care Group Implementation of PACE

At Phoenix Care Group, support workers are trained to integrate PACE into their daily interactions with young people. They understand that each individual is unique and tailor their approach accordingly. The organization recognises the importance of continuous professional development, ensuring that their staff are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to provide the best possible support.

The PACE approach is more than just a set of principles; it’s a philosophy that underpins the work of support workers at Phoenix Care Group. By embracing Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy, they are able to make a lasting difference in the lives of 16-25 year olds, guiding them towards a brighter, more secure future. It’s a testament to the power of positive interactions and the profound effect they can have on the path to adulthood.

Lottie Child of Wight

Meet Lottie Ralph Phoenix’s Placements Manager

Lottie Ralph, the Placements Manager at Phoenix Care Group Ltd, plays a crucial role in ensuring that young people receive the best possible care and support. Let’s delve into her responsibilities and the impact she makes within the organisation.

Ethos of Equality and Diversity:

Lottie brings her strong ethos of equality and diversity into the team. She recognises the importance of treating each individual with respect and understanding, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Her commitment to equality ensures that placements are tailored to meet the unique needs of each young person, promoting a sense of belonging and acceptance.

In Tune with Young People:

Lottie’s ability to connect with young people is remarkable. She is very in tune with their experiences, challenges, and aspirations.

As a natural problem solver, she actively seeks solutions to address any obstacles that may arise during the placement process.

Her empathetic approach fosters trust and openness, allowing young people to express their needs and preferences.

Advocacy for the Alternative:

Lottie serves as an ambassador for alternative approaches. She understands that not all young people fit into conventional molds.

Whether it’s finding non-traditional educational paths, exploring creative outlets, or advocating for unconventional solutions, Lottie champions the right of young people to choose their own paths.

Getting It Right First Time:

Lottie takes ownership of ensuring that placements are successful from the outset. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident.

When challenges arise, she swiftly adapts and finds alternative solutions. Her flexibility and resourcefulness benefit both the young people and the organisation.

Social and Approachable:

Lottie’s social nature makes her approachable and easy to talk to. She strikes up comfortable conversations effortlessly.

Young people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns with her, knowing that she genuinely cares about their well-being.

Continuous Learning and Development:

Lottie’s dedication extends to her own growth. She actively seeks opportunities for self-improvement.

Her willingness to learn and adapt ensures that she remains effective in her role and contributes to the team’s success.

In summary, Lottie Ralph’s role as Placements Manager at Phoenix Care Group Ltd is pivotal in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for young people. Her commitment to equality, problem-solving abilities, and genuine care makes her an invaluable asset to the organisation.

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